About us

Premier Diagnostics and Research Centre, a professionally managed diagnostics Laboratory, has been serving the community with the vision of providing excellent and effective delivery of services to clinicians and patients at an affordable cost. Catering to the growing needs of the community and the growing demand for state of the art diagnostic facilities, Premier Diagnostics has become a name of repute in the diagnostics field with the credibility of results owing to the quality measures followed leading to better diagnosis and proper treatment.

Premier Diagnostics was founded in 1994 by late Mr. K. Ravindran, Chairman of IMI group of Companies, Chennai, a visionary who was well aware that meticulous operation and delivery of laboratory services depended on the latest equipment, well trained staff, congenial ambience and good management. Premier Diagnostics and Research Centre is designed in such a way that the key elements viz. workplace, staff, laboratory testing process are taken into consideration. Utmost importance is also given to Quality Control protocols. The management is committed to provide superior test Reports and Services at very competitive rates to satisfy patients, clinicians and employees.

In a rigorous effort to better its services to the community, Premier Diagnostics has added on new facilities as well as upgraded its existing ones. Will the objective of achieving excellent quality goals PDRC went for ISO Certification in 2005 and we are also happy to inform our well wishers that efforts are being taken to get NABL accreditation. Premier Diagnostics and Research Centre has an excellent team of Microbiologists, Biochemists and Lab technicians supported by administrative staff and Customer relations executives. We provide the highest quality diagnostic services to all its clients seven days a week. State of the art equipment, highly qualified, dedicated and trained staff are available.


  • First ISO certified and fully automated Laboratory in North Kerala
  • Utmost priority for quality and accuracy
  • Accurate and timely delivery of results
  • Reports as Hard copy, E mails, Social media messages and Online.
  • Results within shortest time possible
  • Special tests for tumor markers, Hormones, Infectious, Fertility , Autoimmune and Packages for Lifestyle diseases
  • Home Service and Health Record providing
  • Gold Standard method for HbA1c, Electrolyte and LIA for ANA and Western BLOT for HIV
  • Prefect blend of experience and technology